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Passed Holly Bayliss of Woodford Green

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Passed Ed Tyler of Chigwell, Essex

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Passed Nico Martini of Buckhurst Hill, Essex

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Driving Lessons Loughton

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Driving Lessons Loughton
Driving Lessons Loughton

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"Our Mission is "Customer Success" we prefer to let Our Customers do the Talking.

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Driving Lessons Loughton
If you are learning to drive and would like driving lessons in the Loughton area then we are here to help you. We offer the best "Try Us and See "deal on the planet, where you can take 10 hours of driving tuition for just £190.00.

We pride ourselves on being totally focused on Customer Success and we have Customer Reviews praising our teaching methods.

To think all driving instructors in Loughton are the same would be a huge mistake as many teach with no clear objectives and therefore extending your learning period and costing you more money than is necessary. If you are currently learning to drive in Loughton and do not have a very clear objecing tive at the beginning of each lesson then how can you possible understand what is expected of you during your driving lesson.

Learning to drive is a very simple process as long as though you understand what topics you are consistent with and what your weaknesses are. Your driving instructor should be targeting any areas of your driving for concern and formulating a plan to fix them. Your driving instructor should first check your understanding in theory to the relevant subject, this is best done by asking good open questions and filling in any misunderstandings.

This should be followed with guided practice until you are comfortable with what is required, responsibility can then be gradually transferred to you as you become more consistent. The driving lesson should always end with an interactive summary to assess what you have learnt and to answer any questions.

When each lesson follows this format, your learning really does accelerate simply because you have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

For your driving lessons in Loughton, please call Nic on 07855 414517. Happy driving from all at Drive Essentials driving school.


Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time in Loughton.
Driving Lessons that will drastically improve your chances of passing your test at the first attempt.

8 Success Steps to a 1st Time Pass.

No 1. Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons.

Endeavour to take a weekly driving lesson. Those students that take regular driving lessons learn SO much faster than those that are irregular. If possible commit to two hour driving lessons. You will learn far more and far faster. One hour driving lessons WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. By the time you have a recap on your previous lesson and then drive to the training area to practice the chosen objective, you may already used 15 minutes of your lesson. There should then be a summary when you finish to confirm what you have learnt, this will take another 5 minutes = That's 20 minutes of your 60 minute lesson.

No 2. Be prepared For Your Driving Lessons.

It's Your Driving Lesson! Make The Most Of It. Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money. Also !!! 

No 3. Your Driving Lessons should always begin with a recap of your previous lesson.

Please don't underestimate this very important point. Your driving instrutor should be asking you questions at this stage to confirm your understanding of previous learning and to test your knowledge on the next subject. Your practical driving practice will be far less effective if you do not fully understand the theory of the subject and mistakes can be made through lack of knowledge.

No 4. The Lessons Objective.

Possibly, the most important element to your progress. Trust me, your learning period will be greatly increased. It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definate objective. You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards your goal. Driving aimlessly around is a complete waste of your hard earned money.

No 5. Your Driving Lessons should be structured and you should be encouraged to develop your skills.

Your lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the begining and hen increase in complexity as you progress. Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding. This is very important procedure as reponsibility is gradually transferred to you.

No 6. Summary of your driving lesson.

What you discuss at the end of your lesson, will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding.

No 7. Self Evaluation.oBe confident and ready.

Be honest with yourself. Are you still making mistakes during your lessos? Many students fail their driving tests because they are not driving consistently before they go to test. Arriving for your practical test knowing that you are lacking in confidence due to in consistent driving will just add to the anxiety and many will blame their nerves "on the day" but in reality it's genrally down to lack of consistency in the build up to test day.

No 8. Listen to the advice of your driving instructor.

Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice 0 So it would be wise to listen. 

To think that all driving instructors and driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.

We offer "Customer Success" approach to learning to drive to maximise your chances of a first time pass. All of you driving lessons should have a definite purpose and crystal clear objective, so you know exactly what you are trying to acheive and how it will help you towards your goal of gaining a full driving license.Far too many driving lessons involve aimless 'driving around' this may sound familiar if you are already taking lessons and feel you are not progressing.

We find that pupils who are offered a full anddetailed explanation of the task required, makes it easy for our students to understand and move forward. We also find that 'chunking' driving lessons works really well. This is where we can set a mini objective for, say 20 minutes and then focus on the required task with help and good targeted questions to constantly check the students thinking. After each lesson 'chunk' we know exactly wheather practice is required or we can move onto the next step.

It is essential that the student knows exactly why you are requested to do something and the possible consequences of not doing it and how it may affect other around you.

If you are thinking of learning to drive or you are already taking driving lessons but becoming frustrated, now is you chance to join a driving school that is very much focused on Customer Success andto benefit from the latest and proven teaching methods.

If you do not have a definite objective for each of your driving lessons, then your learning period will almost certainly take you longer and cost you more of your hard earned money.


Customer Reviews tend to give an honest and balanced account of the customer experience


1st Lesson Experience...

"I found my first lesson very useful. Nic of Drive Essentials provided me with all the necessary information for learning to drive but more importantly to me, to be a safe driver. I love the fact that he takes a client centred approach and allowed me to tell him what particular goals I would like to achieve by the end of my lesson but with realistic targets. Nic made sure I was familiarised with the vehicle which l found very useful. I can honestly say that I can see myself progressing with Nic as he is a genuine, easy-going person and I am looking forward to my next lesson".

Sandra Bendoriute, Chingford.

How to pass your theory test

How to pass your driving test

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